Photo Ministry in Washington D.C.

While studying in D.C., it was one of my goals to serve the community with my gifts. I volunteered at the local crisis pregnancy center, which gave me the idea to offer free photo sessions to families who usually can’t afford to pay for nice, professional portraits. A few of my friends tagged along and the day turned out better than I ever could have imagined. I couldn’t stop laughing behind the camera! [Yes, my friends did make fun of me … ] I became aware of the blessings I take for granted — even the simple fact that I can go out and take nice photos with my friends. So, enjoy these images! I am so happy to share them with you.


And here’s a bit of a look behind the scenes (for those of you who don’t know, that’s me in the striped dress):

*Behind-the-scenes photos taken by my friend Jacob Bechtol


5 responses to “Photo Ministry in Washington D.C.

  1. allinasoiree

    This is such an incredible idea and a nice way to help out others through your talents! Cute photos

    • Thanks, allinasoiree! I feel blessed to have had the opportunity.

      Love your blog — do you accept submissions?

      • allinasoiree

        Thats incredible, I definitely think more photographers should do the same. And yes I do I would be happy to feature a photoshoot, if you’d like!

      • That would be great! I have a few posted on here (engagements and one wedding) or I can send you more if you want. 🙂

        If you do post, please include my email ( and link to this blog ( and my facebook page (

      • allinasoiree

        I can link your social media address right on the page, along with your email. I can feature one sometime in the following week or two all of your engagements are spectacular but I especially love Sara’s and Cassie the images are adorable! 🙂 Can you email me at maybe giving some insights about the couple and your photography style! These images will also be featured on all of my social media of course linking to your site!

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